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dc.contributor.authorDoroshenko, V. M.-
dc.contributor.authorZarubin, Y. O.-
dc.contributor.authorHryshanenko, V. P.-
dc.contributor.authorProkopiv, V. J.-
dc.contributor.authorShvydkyi, O. A.-
dc.identifier.citationОсновні напрями вдосконалення системи розробки родовищ та потенціал нарощування видобутку нафти в Україні / В. М. Дорошенко, Ю. О. Зарубін, В. П. Гришаненко [та ін.] // Нафтогазова галузь України. - 2013. - № 2. - С. 27-30.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe main reasons for reduction of oil and gas extraction in Ukraine are presented. The priority directions for improving the oil and gas field development systems and the potential increase of oil and gas extraction volumes in Ukraine are substantiated. The possibility of involvement of passive reserves of oil in active development and increase of the annual oil extraction by implementation of modern oil and gas technologies are forecasted.uk_UA
dc.publisherНафтогаз Україниuk_UA
dc.titleThe main directions of the field development systems improvement and the potential of oil extraction increase in Ukraineuk_UA
Appears in Collections:Oil & gas industry of Ukraine - 2013. - , № 2

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