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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Development of a polymer matrix with improved performance characteristics for protection of vehicle elementsBrailo, M. V.; Buketov, A. V.; Yakushchenko, S. V.; Sapronova, A. V.; Kobelnyk, O. S.; Yarema, I. T.; Fesenko, I. P.
2017Increasing the reliability of the equipment of oil and gas transportation industry due to polymeric nanocompositesBuketov, A. V.; Amelin, M. Yu.; Negrutsa, R. Yu.; Sapronova, A. V.; Bezbach, O. M.; Voronenko, S. V.
2018Polymer composites for improving the resource of pipeline transportBuketov, A. V.; Sapronova, A. V.; Brailo, M. V.; Sotsenko, V. V.; Yurenin, K. Yu.; Antonio, B.
2016Temperature impact upon structural and thermal physical properties of epoxy composites modified with 4,4-sulfonil bis (4,1-phenylene) bis (n,n-diethyldithiocarbamate)Buketov, A. V.; Smetankin, S. A.; Zinchenko, D. A.
2018The study of the impact of 4,4'-methylenbis (2-methoxyaniline) on adhesive properties of the epoxy matrix for protective coatings of transport meansBuketov, A. V.; Bezbakh, O. M.; Yatsyuk, V. M.; Negrutsa, R. Yu.
2017Use of dispersive additives to ensure high indicators of physico-mechanical properties of functional polymer coatingsBuketov, A. V.; Sapronov, O. O.; Leshchenko, O. V.; Voronenko, S. V.