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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
20193-вимірне геометричне моделювання дизельного двигуна В12Лукань, Т. В.; Лейбюк, Т. Т.
200440 років підземному зберіганню газу в УкраїніШимко, Р. Я.
2019About of the dynamics of forced oscillations in nonlinear systemsQurbanov, A. N.; Sardarova, I. Z.
2013About the conception of underground gas storage in UkraineStorchak, S. О.; Zaiets, V. О.; Savkiv, B. P.
2019Actualization definitions and theoretical justification distribution ration of oil and gas royalties under decentralizationHoral, K. T.; Perevozova, I. V.; Shyiko, V. I.
2018Adaptive and destructive processes of dendrological objects under oil contamination conditionsGlibovytska, N.; Karavanovych, Kh.
2017AGR experience of knowledge sharing cultureSollund, S.
2019An analysis the numerical model of sliding bearingTomczewski, L.
2017An improved portfolio optimization model for oil and gas investment selectionWagenknecht, M.
2015An online course laboratory for studying automatic control systemsKuchirka, Y.; Vytvytska, L.; Pavliv, T.
2013Analysis of longitudinal, torsional and bending vibrations of drill stringHohol, V. I.; Ohorodnikov, P. I.; Svtlytskyi, V. M.
2017Analysis of pore space of shale rock using microscopic methodsLesniak, G.
2019Analysis of reource opportunities of Ivano-Frankivsk regoin for implementation of socially oriented project implementation in the sphere of renewable energy sourcesKoshlak, H.
2017Analysis of risk management practices in the oil and gasMandryk, I.
2013Analysis of the physical parameters of the sedimentary cover rocks of the northwestern part of DDD in connection with its oil and gas bearing capacityOrliuk, M. I.; Drukarenko, V. V.
2013Analysis of vibration efficiency of drill string using the theory of random vibrationsOhorodnikov, P. I.; Svitlytskyi, V. M.; Hohol, V. I.
2015Aplication of mathematical metods for condition monitoring of oil and gas facilitiesOlijnyk, A. P.; Moroz, A. A.
2012Application of axisymmeric profile analysis for measuring surface tension at harmonic surface oscillationsZholob, S. A.; Makivski, A. V.; Miller, R.; Fainerman, V. B.
2013Application of clayless drilling fluids under conditions of high reservoir pressures and temperaturesLuban, Yu. V.; Luban, S. V.; Dudzych, V. V.; Boyko, A. H.; Semeniuk, V. H.
2017Application of computed tomography (CT) in rock core analysisDohnalik, M.; Drabik, K.; Orzechowski, M.; Skupio, R.