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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Modeling of fluid flow in pipeline with the leaks due to the surfaceOliynyk, A. P.; Shtayer, L. O.
2014Modeling of ultrasonic guided waves propagation in a waveguide with cros-section of finite sizeMandra, A. A.; Lyutak, I. Z.; Lyutak, Z. P.
2017Modelowanie czasu opadania osadu pokoagulacyjnegoRzasa, M.; Lukasiewicz, E.
2017Modern methods of economic research: the use of experiments in economicsSheremeta, R.
2017Modern solutions of mining machines developed in department of mining, dressing and transport machines, agh university in CracowKotwica, K.; Krauze, K.; Kalukiewicz, A.
2013New areas of work related to search of large deposits of hydrocarbons in DDDMachuzhak, M. I.; Lyzanets, A. V.; Tykhomyrov, A. S.
2017NMR laboratory measurements of various types of sedimentary rocks using 2, and 23 MHz spectrometersKlaja, J.; Drabik, K.; Dohnlik, M.; Kulinowski, P.
2015Non-stationare processes in oil-product pipeline using anti-turbulence additivesGrudz, V. Ya.; Al-Dandal, R. S.
2017Numerical analysis of the influence of the vortex shedder shape on the creation of von karman vortex streetRzasa, M. R.; Czapla-Nielacna, B.
2017Numerical prediction of the current and limiting states of pipelines with detected flaws of corrosion wall thinningMilenin, O. S.
2017Numerical study on PDC drill bit crown shape: rock reaction force oscillation aspestPryhorovska, T. O.
2017O propozycjach zmian w wyznaczaniu niepewnosci pomiarow wedlug przewodnika gumWarsza, Z. L.
2013Oil and gas bearing capacity of Paleocene carbonate formations of the southern oil and gas bearing regionPolukhtovych, V. M.; Kryshtal, A. M.; Yakubenko, H. M.
2013Oil and gas potential of Ukrainian sector of the Sea of Azov by a comprehensive assessment of aerospace research dataYevdoshchuk, M. I.; Halko, T. M.; Sedlerova, O. V.; Volkova, O. V.; Yakubenko, H. M.
2013Oil Produktion Affected by ASP and Gelation TechnologiesRahimi, Khosro; Sharifara, Ehsan; Sarwestani, Mohammad Hadi Fatehi
2013On implementation of polymeric watering at oil deposits of UkraineDoroshenko, V. M.; Prokopiv, V. Y.; Rudyi, M. I.; Scherbii, R. B.
2017On improvement engineering solutions of construction structuresVasylyshyn, V.
2013On the issue of the Black Sea methane hydrate potential developmentKychka, O. A.; Koval, A. M.; Tyshchenko, A. P.; Dovzhok, T. E.; Korovnichenko, E. E.
2009On the reliability of multistate systems with imprecise probabilitiesWagenknecht, M.; Gocht, U.
2017Online Training Tools Evaluation: “Internet Technologies in Economics” Teaching CasePryhorovska, T.; Kornuta, O.