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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Integrated approach for geothermal reservoir studies : geology, fluid flow and geomechanicsSosio, G.; Boivineau, A.-S.; Burachok, O.; Braham, R. O.; Zordan, E.; Mandiuc, A.; Spyrou, C.; Belouahchia, M.; Baujard, C.; Dalmais, E.; Genter, A.
2015Integrity action: Ukrainian experience and first stepsKafkа, S.; Kowal, О.
2019Intensification of gas production from fields with unstable reservoirsKondrat, R. M.; Кondrat, O. R.; Dremlyukh, N. S.; Ugrynovsky, A. V.
2018Intensification of hydrocarbons extraction by pulse-wave methodsBulat, A. F.; Kryzhanivskyy, Ye. І.; Shevchenko, G. O.; Shevchenko, V. G.; Tarko, Ya. B.
2013Interaction of silicate rocks with acid-cut clay muds under pt conditions in the reservoir. Part 2. The mechanism of formation component dissolutionRudyi, S. M.; Kachmar, Yu. D.; Rudyi, M. I.
2013Interaction of silicate rocks with clay-cut acid muds in thermobaric conditions of bed.P.I. Influence of pressure on the solubility of rockRudyi, S. М.; Кachmar, Yu. D.; Rudyi, М. І.
2013International natural gas markets: problems and ways of their overcomingMarchenko, А. І.; Stukalenko, І. О.
2019Investigation of strength of shaped elements of the main gas pipelineDoroshenko, Ya.V.
2013Key aspects of economic efficiency and costs of natural gas pipeline transportationSergeev, A.
2016Laboratory experimental studies of the multiphase separatorKopey, B. V.; Kryvonozhko, T. A.; Liakh, M. M.; Youriev, E. V.
2003Leaching of low-grade chalcocite-covellite-chalcopyrite ore with sulphuric acid in absence and presence of oxidizing agentsVarga, Camelia Lurninita; Mihaly-Cozmuta, Anca; Bancila-Afrim, Nicolae; Cezar, Toader
2013Lubricating additives in drilling and methods of their researchKusturova, O. V.; Shevchenko, R. O.; Zhuhan, O. A.; Liamenkov, S. V.
2015Management and prediction of sand and fines productionKopey, B. V.; Kryvonozhko, T. A.
2020Management of ecological risks while developing onshore oil field of AzerbaijanSheydai, T. A.
2015Managerial accounting of transaction costsKotskulich, T. Y.; Khoma, S. V.
2003Mathematic modelling of the copper recovery process from wastewaters using a graphite volumic electrode Polarisation curvesMihaly-Cozmuta, Anca; Mihaly-Cozmuta, Leonard; Toader, Cezar; Bancila-Afrim, Nicolae
2014Mathematic modelling of thermodynamic effects in a gas formation well bore zoneBomba, A. Ya.; Myslyuk, M. A.; Yaroshchak, S. V.
2017Mathematical Modeling of Horizontal Displacement of Above-Ground Gas PipelinesKukhtar, D.
2013Mathematical Modeling of Oil Wells ProductivityKachmar, Y. D.; Tsiomko, V. V.; Babiy, M. B.
2015Mathematical modeling of termodynamik effects in well bore zone or gas formation under hydraulic fracturing conditionsBomba, A.Ya.; Myslyuk, M. A.; Yaroshchak, S. V.