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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Ecologic and economic social problems of resource usageKravchuk, R. S.
2017Education students – artVasylyshyn, V.
2018Effect of strong constant magnetic field on the nanostructural organization and prop erties of the welded joints of hard-to-weld polymers (like polyethylene – polypropylene)Iurzhenko, M. V.
2013Effectiveness of the Powerful Methods of Oil and Gas Production Intensification and Prospects of Their Application for Unconventional CollectorsVoytenko, Y. I.
2014Eguation uncertainty adjustment of the gas flow measurement results flowmeters with standard orifice platesLesovoi, L. V.; Fedynets, V. O.; Kuzyk, V. A.
2017Energooszczedna konstrukcja i technologiaVasylyshyn, V.
2014Energy effeciency of the industrial development: the current state and perspectivesPolanska, A. S.
2016Entire dirichlet series with monotonous coefficients and logarithmic h-measurePanchuk, S.; Salo, T.
2013Establishment of industrial oil production in the Carpathian region as a prerequisite for the creation of the Museum of Oil Fields of GaliciaGuziychuk, I. O.; Temeh, I. T.
2017Evaluation of geomechanical and acustic properties of shales using drill cuttings as the way to better understand the formationBudak, P.; Cicha-Szot, R.
2019Evaluation of the durability of hard-faced layers welded on the conical picks on the basis of laboratory testsKrauze, K.; Boloz, L.; Wydro, T.; Mucha, K.
2013Evaluation of the strong performance of the circular welded pipe connections with corrosion defectsTarayevskyi, O. S.
2017Ewolucja architektury spektakularnych budynkow i budowli z czasow starozytnychVasylyshyn, Y.; Vasylyshyn, V.
2017Examination of drilling muds lubricity on contact with borehole wall under HPHT conditionsJasinski, B.; Uliasz, M.; Zima, G.; Blaz, S.
2013Exhaust gases heat recovery of GPU gas turbine compressor of gas-main pipelinesRedko, А. О .; Redko, О. F.; Kompan, А. І.
2019Experience in teaching engineering disciplines in the light of today's challengesKornuta, V. A.; Kornuta, O. V.
2017Experience of operation of electronic database of full-text standards HAMMER in PJSC "Ukrtransgaz"Klyun, A.; Karpash, M.; Trebulova, I.; Kogut, G.
2019Experimental researches of the mass-exchange processes dynamics in the propane hydrate synthesisKutnyi, B.; Pavlenko, A.
2016Experimental study of the influense of starting pumping units on the value of oil pressure in oil-trunk pipelinesSerediuk, M. D.; Grygorskyi, S. Ia.
2013Express method for determining of residual oil zones at a late stage of field developmentProkopiv, V. Y.; Pitonia, V. A.; Prydachyna, O. M.