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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Scattering of acoustic waves bubbles of gas in reservoirsNagorny, V. P.; Denisuk, І. І.; Lihvan, V. M.; Shveykina, Т. А.
2017Shale gas potential environmental risks research in UkraineAgeycheva, O.
2017Shale rocks of the Spassk suite of the Lower Cretaceous as the prospective objects for extracting hydrocarbonsMazur, A. P.; Bodnarchuk, V. S.
2013Sidetrack in well casingVoevidko, I. V.
2019Simulation of chemical and technological processes of a hydrocarbon preparation plantLiaposhchenko, O. O.; Moiseev, V. F.; Marenok, V. M.; Khukhryanskyy, O. M.; Starynskyy, O. Ye.; Kovtun, V. V.
2013Simulation of filter gravel pack in-wash in a well with a significant deviation from a vertical or in horizontal wellStriukov, E. H.
2015Simulation of performance characteristics of centrifugal pumps by the electro-hydrodynamic analogy methodKostyshyn, V. S.; Kurlyak, P. O.
2018Smart farming – модна тенденція чи необхідність сьогодення?Гера, О. В.; Муляр, А. В.
2015SMART – метод як інструмент дослідження компетентнісних здібностей персоналуВербовська, Л. С.
2017Soil radon (222RN) concentration as a tool for major tectonic lines determination in the Polish part of the Carpathian mountainsJankowski, L.; Kowalska, S.; Skupio, R.; Dohnalik, M.
2017Solidna konstrukcja: wymienna szalunki stale typuVasylyshyn, V.; Karaychentseva, L.
2015Some aspects of ball burnishing process modellingBronovskyi, I.; Storozh, Ya.; Yurchyshyn, V.; Yatsyshyn, M.; Gavryshchuk, S.
2013Some aspects of operational reliability of the drill string and its components in well construction processOhorodnikov, P. I.; Svitlytskyi, V. M.; Hohol, V. I.
2013Some methods of upgrading of technologies of construction of wells for shale gasMysluk, М. А.; Homynets, Z. D.; Salyzhyn, Yu. M.; Bogoslavets, V. V.; Voloshyn, Yu. D.
2016Specyfika planowania strategicznego w warunkach niepewnosciJoanna Jasinska
2014Static strength evaluation of pipelines sections with crack-like defects in the weld zoneBanakhevych, Yu. V.; Banakhevych, R. Yu.; Dragilev, A. V.; Kychma, A. O.
2014Stress-strain state of a drill string in well sections with "dog-legs"Rachkevych, R. V.
2003Study concerning accumulation of heavy metals in spontaneously vegetation grows up on the walls of the tailing pondsMihaly-Cozmuta, Leonard; Mihaly-Cozmuta, Anca; Vatca, Gheorghe; Viman, Vasile; Varga, Camelia; Bancila-Afrim, Nicolae
2002Study of galvanic corrosion for titanium and alloys used in dental implantologyToader, Cezar; Bancilila, Nicolae; Dascalescu, Anamaria; Cotetiu, Radu
2017Study of the influence of thermal factors on the welding process of polyethylene gas pipelinesPanchuk, M. V.; Shlapak, L. S.; Theremko, N.; Szkodo, M.; Kiełczynski, W.; Kishka, S. O.