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Title: Раціоннальне використання енергетичних ресурсів компресорних станцій магістральних газопроводів
Other Titles: Rational use of main gas pipelines compressor station power resources
Authors: Слободян, В. І.
Keywords: газотранспортна система
пульсації тиску
втомна міцність
турбодетандерні установки
gas-transport system
pressure pulsations
power charges
tireless toughness
setting of turbine expander
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Івано-Франківський національний технічний університет нафти і газу
Citation: Слободян, Володимир Іванович Раціоннальне використання енергетичних ресурсів компресорних станцій магістральних газопроводів : автореф. дис. на здобуття наук. ступеня канд. техн. наук : спец. 05.15.13 "Трубопровідний транспорт, нафтогазосховища" / В. І. Слободян ; Івано-Франків. нац. техн. ун-т нафти і газу. - Івано-Франківськ, 2011. - 18 с. - 15-16.
Abstract: Дисертацію присвячено удосконаленню технологій експлуатації складних газотранспортних систем з багатоцеховими компресорними станціями з метою економії енерговитрат на транспортування газу і використання прихованих резервів виробничого процесу. Досліджено і проаналізовано квазістаціонарні режими роботи складних ГТС, в результаті встановлено необхідність регулювання режимів з метою зменшення енерговитрат, та виявлено пульсаційні процеси коливання тису на вході КС, досліджено вплив пульсацій тиску на втомну міцність технологічних трубопроводів КС. Проведено дослідження втрат енергії в умовах технологічних процесів і з
Dissertation is devoted to the improvement of exploitation technologies of difficult gas-transportation system with the purpose of power charges economy for gas transportation and production process hidden reserves using. Qusi-stationary models of complex gas transportation systems operations are investigated and analyzed. As a result, the necessity of models adjusting was set with the purpose of power charges diminishing, and pulsation processes oscillation at the compressor stations input were detected. Pressure pulsation influence on tireless toughness of compressor station technological pipelines was investigated. Research of energy losses within technological processes was conducted and means for production hidden reserves using was offered. The first section is devoted to the analysis of literary sources and specification of research tasks. The analysis of exploitation of the Ukrainian gas-transportation system and gas consumption is given. The second section presents results of gas streams power descriptions research, that arise in the complex gas-transport systems. It is set that for complex gas-transportation systems with large carrying capacity even the insignificant rejections of parameters cause the substantial change of the productivity which requires the account of temperature condition and change of physical properties of gas at prognosis calculations. A lot of the workshop compressors stations of the complex gas-transport systems during exploitation must consider that unproject modes exploitation losses of gas are possible through interthread bridges with the purpose of approaching of each gas transportation system in the area of maximum possible efficiency. Curve like changes of gas expenses in complex gas-transport systems with large carrying capacity results in the origin in high-frequency pressure fluctuations (pulsations) in the input lines of the compressor stations, that it is related to the loss of tireless toughness and occuring of emergency situations. The third section is devoted to the research of pressure pulsation influence on tireless toughness and fracture strength of compressor stations technological pipelines. The algorithm and method of non-stationary motion of gas in gas pipelines of the compressor stations is created. With the purpose of transients optimization method and algorithms of calculation of linear structure of the non-stationary mode in gas pipelines were developed. Certain criteria of linear part unstationarity of the gas-transport system, and the criteria of unstationarity axe presented at the calculations of operations modes of the system. For this purpose the analysis was conducted to determine when and what criteria are better to be used in the set models. The fourth section is devoted to the research of the power efficiency increase in natural gas transportation. The turbine expander settings, that allow saving gas stream energy are offered and inculcated. The result of the research aims the important scientific task, which consists in setting conformities to the law of interplay of operation mode parameters of the complex gas-transport systems with large carrying capacity and energy losses on natural gas transporting, which allowed to develop recommendations for the economy use of power resources in the gas pipeline transportation and to apply them in industry.
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