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Title: Optimum formulation of asp for injection in oil reservoir
Authors: Rahimi, Khosro
Sarvestani, Mohammad Hadi Fatehi
Sharifara, Ehsan
Keywords: інгібітор корозії
нафтовий резервуар
поверхнево-активні полімери
лужні поверхневі полімери
corrosion inhibitor
oil reservoir
surfactant-polymer flooding
alkaline surfactant polymer
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: ІФНТУНГ
Citation: Khosro, Rahimi Optimum formulation of asp for injection in oil reservoir / R. Khosro, H. F. Mohammad, S. Ehsan // Розвідка та розробка нафтових і газових родовищ. - 2013. - № 1. - C. 162-166.
Abstract: Проведено аналіз оптимального складу інгібіторів корозії ASP для нагнітання у нафтовий пласт. Звертається увага на проблему додавання води в нафтовий резервуар, що є, на думку автора, єдиним методом відновлення тиску в резервуарі.
Enhanced Oil Recovery is not a new process and it has been utilized by the Oil and Gas industry for several decades, particularly in the use of water flooding as a secondary recovery measure to ensure maintenance of reservoir pressure.1Adding water to an oil reservoir may seem an odd thing to do- anything added to the reservoir should aid in maintaining reservoir pressure, so why add water, as oil and water do not mix? The problem is that most oil reservoirs are solution gas driven, this means that as the oil is produced the reservoir pressure is reduced and the gas that was held in solution is released and expands. This process drives the oil to the producing wells, however the gas is also free to flow and be produced. Once the gas is produced, the reservoir's energy is lost and reservoir pressure is reduced. If this process is the only method of recovery, it will only yield up to 20% of the reservoirs total volume.
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