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Title: Research technique and test experiments for the analysis of petrophysical properties of weak-consolidated and friable rocks
Authors: Vladyka, V. M.
Nesterenko, M. Yu.
Balatskyi, R. S.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Нафтогаз України
Citation: Владика, В. М. Методика досліджень і тестові експерименти з вивчення петрофізичних властивостей слабоконсолідованих і сипучих порід / В. М. Владика, М. Ю. Нестеренко, Р. С. Балацький // Нафтогазова галузь України. - 2013. - № 2. - С. 3-5.
Abstract: With the use of created measuring system for the study of petrophysical properties of incompetent, friable and loose rocks and sludge samples test experiments were performed on pit sand samples of known grain-size distribution, consolidated and disintegrated rock samples of Subbotin oil field of the Maykop formation. It was experimentally established that the shrinkage rate of soft rocks decreases sharply and attenuates at the effective pressure of 30 to 35MPa, which leads to stabilization of their filtration-capacitive and deformation behavior. The research of rocks, which are returned during drilling in the form of sand and cuttings, opens opportunities for using the obtained data for interpretation of production well logging and calculation of hydrocarbon reserves.
ISSN: 0548-1414
Appears in Collections:Oil & gas industry of Ukraine - 2013. - , № 2

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