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Title: Priority areas of development of resources of hydrocarbons of Hlynskyi and Solokhivskyi oil and gas region of Dnipro and Donetsk basin
Authors: Kharchenko, M. V.
Popova, T. L.
Ponomarenko, L. S.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Нафтогаз України
Citation: Харченко, М. В. Пріоритетні напрями освоєння ресурсів вуглеводнів Глинсько-Солохівського нафтогазоносного району Дніпровсько-Донецької западини / М. В. Харченко, Т. Л. Попова, Л. С. Пономаренко // Нафтогазова галузь України. - 2013. - № 3. - С. 6-9.
Abstract: The resource potential of the Hlynsko-Solokhivskyi oil and gas region, selected area of oil and gas accumulation (OGA) was described. By means of graphical analysis the extent of the area resource potential development and selected areas of OGA was defined. The analysis of non-discovered resources (including localized) in areas, promising and producing complexes and deeps was made. The most promising areas were determined. The appropriate recommendations on further geology exploration for the purpose of improving the efficiency on oil and gas were given.
ISSN: 0548-1414
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