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Title: Interaction of silicate rocks with acid-cut clay muds under pt conditions in the reservoir. Part 2. The mechanism of formation component dissolution
Authors: Rudyi, S. M.
Kachmar, Yu. D.
Rudyi, M. I.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Нафтогаз України
Citation: Рудий, С. М. Взаємодія силікатних порід із глинокислотними розчинами в термобаричних умовах пласта. Ч. ІІ. механізм розчинення компонентів породи / С. М. Рудий, Ю. Д. Качмар, М. І. Рудий // Нафтогазова галузь України. - 2013. - № 4. - С. 19-24.
Abstract: It was established that in case of excess rock to acid-cut clay mud at increase of interaction pressure the selectiveness of dissolution of oxides within Bentonite Clay disappears. In case of excess rock the mechanism of dissolution of these oxides at high pressures is unchanged. Increasing pressure from 0.1 to 15 MPa leads to decreasing Horodyshche gel powder dissolution at higher specific consumption of acid for its dissolution, which is associated with the occurrence of secondary reactions of newly produced neutralizing products.
ISSN: 0548-1414
Appears in Collections:Oil & gas industry of Ukraine - 2013. - , № 4

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