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Title: On the issue of the Black Sea methane hydrate potential development
Authors: Kychka, O. A.
Koval, A. M.
Tyshchenko, A. P.
Dovzhok, T. E.
Korovnichenko, E. E.
Keywords: gas hydrate
methane production
World Ocean
Black Sea
subsea deposits
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Нафтогаз України
Citation: До проблеми освоєння метаногідратного потенціалу Чорного моря / О. А. Кичка, А. М. Коваль, А. П. Тищенко [и др.] // Нафтогазова галузь України. - 2013. - № 5. - С. 37-41.
Abstract: First successful pilot test to produce methane from submarine gas hydrate field in the East Nankai trough offshore Japan has resumed practical interest to develop giant methane hydrate potential of the World Ocean and the Black Sea basin as well. The paper features geological aspects and technological problems of submarine gas hydrates exploitation and discuss methanehydrate potential assessment and promising exploration prospects in the Ukrainian part of the basin. The recommendations to methane hydrates development in the Black Sea are given.
ISSN: 0548-1414
Appears in Collections:Oil & gas industry of Ukraine - 2013. - , № 5

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