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Title: Удосконалення адсорбційно-іонообмінних процесів очищення стічних та шахтних вод
Authors: Петрушка, К. І.
Keywords: natural sorbent mass transfer
ion exchange process and mine water effluent
liquid radioactive waste
mathematical models
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Петрушка, Катерина Ігорівна Удосконалення адсорбційно-іонообмінних процесів очищення стічних та шахтних вод : автореф. дис. на здобуття наук. ступеня канд. техн. наук (д-ра філософії) : спец. 21.06.01 "Екологічна безпека" / К. І. Петрушка. - Івано-Франківськ, 2017. - 19 с.
Abstract: The thesis is dedicated to providing environmental safety of water bodies through disposal of wastewater and mine water adsorption - ion-exchange methods. A complex method as sewage and mine water, based on the use of natural Dashukivski modified bentonite deposit. The dissertation’s researches are based on dairy wastewater systems, existing modem methods of treatment and basic methods of sorption as the most economically and environmentally beneficial method of wastewater treatment. The thesis investigates waste and mine water Chervonograd mining region, existing methods of modem cleaning and proposed a combined method of cleaning based on the method of sorption as the most economically and environmentally beneficial method of wastewater treatment and electrodialysis with intermembrane filling for demineralization highly concentrated solutions. Methods of physical and chemical analysis of the structure of natural and modified bentonite before and after adsorption, frame structure, and pore size distribution. First theoretically and experimentally proved that the dependence of the coefficient p mass transfer the number of revolutions n to evaluate mass transfer coefficient in the process of adsorption on the sorbent fine fraction occurring in foreign-diffusion region. The increase in degree of sorption of strontium (90%) composite sorbent based on modified titanium oxide bentonite rock Yazivskoho field and montmorillonite Dashukivski deposit ratio of 1: 1 and proved that the maximum degree of intensification of an intemally-difTusion mode, allowing use dependency criterion Sherwood mixing of hydrodynamic regimes for predicting the intensity of sorption processes in dynamic conditions and to assess the value of p. For the first time the analysis parameters extended three-wire models conductance ion exchange resin KU-2 in different ionic form, allowing to predict the demineralization process wastewater and mine water by electrodialysis intermembrane filling with resin. A combined technological scheme of process wastewater and mine water mining complex.
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