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Title: Методологія екологічно безпечного впровадження малих ГЕС в Карпатському регіоні
Authors: Качала, С. В.
Мандрик, О. М.
Архипова, Л. М.
Приходько, М. М.
Keywords: ecological safety
small hydroelectric power stations
Carpathian region
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Методологія екологічно безпечного впровадження малих ГЕС в Карпатському регіоні/ С. В. Качала, О. М. Мандрик, Л. М. Архипова, М. М. Приходько // II International Scientific-Technical Conference. Actual problems of power engineering, construction and environmental engineerig, 23-25 November 2017. — Kielce, Poland - 2017. - С. 114-123.
Abstract: The article proposes a methodology for the ecologically safe introduction of small hydroelectric power stations on the example of the Carpathian region, which provides for the synthesis of all available information on hydropower resources of the Carpathian region, with a detailed analysis of existing projects and the assessment of the hydropower use of the past, the definition and assessment of the hydropower potential within the main basin systems of the region of all small rivers; substantiation of the magnitude of technogenically and environmentally safe hydropower, analysis of its quantitative and qualitative characteristics. The selection of promising, favorable and problematic sites for the environmentally safe location of small hydroelectric power was carried out taking into account the territorial constraints. Was proposed comprehensive method for determination of hydro-ecological risk. Was improved system of complex ecological monitoring on the state of natural and technogenic safety of hydro ecosystems.
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