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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Smart farming – модна тенденція чи необхідність сьогодення?Гера, О. В.; Муляр, А. В.
2017Soil radon (222RN) concentration as a tool for major tectonic lines determination in the Polish part of the Carpathian mountainsJankowski, L.; Kowalska, S.; Skupio, R.; Dohnalik, M.
2017Solidna konstrukcja: wymienna szalunki stale typuVasylyshyn, V.; Karaychentseva, L.
2013Some aspects of operational reliability of the drill string and its components in well construction processOhorodnikov, P. I.; Svitlytskyi, V. M.; Hohol, V. I.
2013Some methods of upgrading of technologies of construction of wells for shale gasMysluk, М. А.; Homynets, Z. D.; Salyzhyn, Yu. M.; Bogoslavets, V. V.; Voloshyn, Yu. D.
2014Static strength evaluation of pipelines sections with crack-like defects in the weld zoneBanakhevych, Yu. V.; Banakhevych, R. Yu.; Dragilev, A. V.; Kychma, A. O.
2014Stress-strain state of a drill string in well sections with "dog-legs"Rachkevych, R. V.
2003Study concerning accumulation of heavy metals in spontaneously vegetation grows up on the walls of the tailing pondsMihaly-Cozmuta, Leonard; Mihaly-Cozmuta, Anca; Vatca, Gheorghe; Viman, Vasile; Varga, Camelia; Bancila-Afrim, Nicolae
2002Study of galvanic corrosion for titanium and alloys used in dental implantologyToader, Cezar; Bancilila, Nicolae; Dascalescu, Anamaria; Cotetiu, Radu
2017Study of the influence of thermal factors on the welding process of polyethylene gas pipelinesPanchuk, M. V.; Shlapak, L. S.; Theremko, N.; Szkodo, M.; Kiełczynski, W.; Kishka, S. O.
2013Surface activity of fine heterogeneous fillers oxide nature during frictionTsapliy, М. P.; Yudina, V. V.; Pavlovskiy, А. P.; Mischuk, О. О.
2016Teaching Business Internet Technology for Economics StudentsPryhorovska, T.; Kornuta, O.; Kocherzhuk, K.
2017Teaching types in innovation processes of educationVasylyshyn, I.; Vasylyshyn, V.
2013Technical and financial solutions of the soil remediation - a case studyOros, Vasile; Gusat, Dorel
2017Technological properties of drilling fluids for reducing the migration of gasZima, G.; Uliasz, M.; Blaz, S.; Jasinski, B.
2015Technology of obtaining enriched phosphate materials with removal of heavy metals in wasteless processAndrienko, N. I.; Plyacuk, L. D.; Chernish, E. Yu.
2016Temperature impact upon structural and thermal physical properties of epoxy composites modified with 4,4-sulfonil bis (4,1-phenylene) bis (n,n-diethyldithiocarbamate)Buketov, A. V.; Smetankin, S. A.; Zinchenko, D. A.
2018The Analysis of Environmental Awareness among Children of the Secondary School AgeRadomska, M. М.; Kartash, Yu. G.
2017The analysis of the changes mechanical parameters of cement slurries for UCGS (cavern undergrund gas storage depending on the duration of exposureKut, L.
2017The applicability range of net model for pore space of unconventional rocksSuch, P.; Cicha–Szot, R.