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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The issues of transport environmental impacts perception by students of environmental and other engineering specialtiesRadomska, M.; Chernyak, L.; Vologzhanina, V.; Chaplygina, O.
2014The main aspects of microbiological protection of underground oil-and-gas pipelinesPolutrenko, M. S.; Kryzhanivskyy, Ye. I.; Pilyashenko-Novohatnyi, A. I.; Peretyatko, T. B.
2013The main directions of the field development systems improvement and the potential of oil extraction increase in UkraineDoroshenko, V. M.; Zarubin, Y. O.; Hryshanenko, V. P.; Prokopiv, V. J.; Shvydkyi, O. A.
2017The method of segmentation of stochastic cyclic signals for the problems of their processing and modelingLytvynenko, I. V.
2016The problem of segmentation of the cyclic random process with a segmental structure and the approaches to its solvingLytvynenko, I. V.
2013The problems of urban areas upon development of oil and gas fields (with reference to Boryslav)Drygulych, P. G.; Pukish, A. V.
2014The research of gas leak from the pipelineGrudz, V. Ya.; Grudz, Ya. V.; Drin, N. Ya.; Stasiuk, R. B.
2015The research of gas tides intensification on the example of the sarmatian deposits in the northwestern part of Bilche-Volytska zoneNesterenko, M. Yu.; Balatskyi, R. S.; Zderka, T. V.; Piatkovska, I. O.
2015The role of ecologycal settlements in reducing anthropogenic impact on environmentRadomska, M.; Strava, T.
2017The sedimentation stability of cement slurryKremieniewski, M.; Rzepka, M.
2016The study of erosive wear of the shaped elements of compressor station manifold of a gas pipelineDoroshenko, Ya. V.; Marko, T. I.; Doroshenko, Yu. I.
2018The study of the impact of 4,4'-methylenbis (2-methoxyaniline) on adhesive properties of the epoxy matrix for protective coatings of transport meansBuketov, A. V.; Bezbakh, O. M.; Yatsyuk, V. M.; Negrutsa, R. Yu.
2017The study of the stress-strain state of trunk gas pipeline sections with defects in the shape of the cross-section of the pipeDoroshenko, Ya. V.; Pylypiv, L. D.; Poliarush, К. А.; Doroshenko, Yu. І.
2002The technologies and the potential of recycling in RomaniaHotea, Vasile; Toader, Cezar; Bancila, Nicolae; Dascalescu, Anamaria; Cotetiu, Radu
2002Thermodynamic assessment of the copper-oxygen systemToader, Cezar; Cotetiu, Radu; Dascalescu, Anamaria
2015To the issue of melting zone height control in the technology of electron-emitting crucible-less zone melting of siliconPorev, V. A.; Porev, G. V.
2015To the issue of strength assessment of the pipeline-composite bandage systemShlapak, L. S.; Maksymuk, O. V.; Shyrokol, V. V.
2014Transformation of woman's consciousness in the play of A. Krym "Quartet for Tvo"Veselovska, N. V.
2013Upgrading of technology of absorptive cleaning of oily wastewatersPavluh, L. I .
2017Use of dispersive additives to ensure high indicators of physico-mechanical properties of functional polymer coatingsBuketov, A. V.; Sapronov, O. O.; Leshchenko, O. V.; Voronenko, S. V.