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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Geodetic Works for Gas Transmission System Inspection in UkraineKukhtar, D.
2019Green living roof simulation model reviewDimitrijevic, Jovanovic D.; Zivkovic, P.; Janevski, J.; Vukic, M.,; Momcilovic, A.; Jovanovic, D.
2019Green living roof simulation model reviewDimitrijevic, J. D.; Zivkovic, P.; Janevski, J.; Vukie, M.; Momeilovic, A.; Dobrnjac, M.
2019Heat exchanger material selection by using MCDM solverPetcovic, D.; Zivkovik, P.; Madic, M.; Radenkovic, G.
2017How to build a bridge slowly but steadily? – building cooperation possibilities between the EU and its Eastern partner countries in innovation and energy efficiency. Results of the INNOVER-EAST projectTvergyak, K-K.
2015Hybrid RES systems on example of the AGH-UST educational and research laboratory of renewable energy sources and energy saving in Miekinia, PolandKotyza, J.; Lubon, W.; Pelka, G.
2018Hydrodynamics simulation and forecasting the efficiency of srparation oquipment oil stabilization unit of gnidyntsy gas processing plantLiaposhchenko, O. O.; Starynskyi, O. Ye.; Demianenko, M. M.; Pavlenko, S. V.
2013Impact of oil on the vibration behavior of the pumping unit gearKopei, V. B.; Kopei, B. V.; Yevchuk, O. V.; Stefanyshin, O. I.
2019Improving the capillary method of non-destructive testingLopatin, V. V.
2017Increase of durability of three-cone rock bit cuttersJakym, R. S.; Petryna, D. Yu.
2013Increasing of reliability of work of rotating machines of oil and gas industryBilyavskyi, М. L.; Flunt, О. R.
2017Increasing the reliability of the equipment of oil and gas transportation industry due to polymeric nanocompositesBuketov, A. V.; Amelin, M. Yu.; Negrutsa, R. Yu.; Sapronova, A. V.; Bezbach, O. M.; Voronenko, S. V.
2019Indoor air quality and microbial assessment of the Nigerian university in Lagos, NigeriaAyodele, I. Shittu; Kelechi, L. Njoku; Adeola, A. Adesuyi
2017Industrial management of used drilling fluidsUliasz, M.; Steliga, T.; Blaz, S.; Zima, G.
2018Influence of cathode polarization on protective properties of thermoreactive coatings for main pipelinesOsadchuk, S. O.; Nyrkova, L. I.; Rybakov, A. O.; Melnychuk, S. L.
2013Influence of installation elastic bending on stress-strain state of pipeline aboveground passages in mountainsBilobran, B. S.; Dziubyk, А. R.; Yanovskyi, S. R.
2018Influence of nanoparticles on the physical and mechanical properties of modified epoxy-composite coatingsStukhlyak, D. P.; Yakushchenko, S. V.
2016Influence of physical fields upon adhesive strength of epoxy composite protective coatings in oil and gas sectorMalets, V. M.; Kashytskyy, V. P.
2019Influencing ecotourism factors on socio-economic conditions of the populationBezuhla L. S., Demchuk N. I.
2014Innovation approach to the improvement of motivation system of managerial workPopadynets, I.