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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Heat exchanger material selection by using MCDM solverPetcovic, D.; Zivkovik, P.; Madic, M.; Radenkovic, G.
2017How to build a bridge slowly but steadily? – building cooperation possibilities between the EU and its Eastern partner countries in innovation and energy efficiency. Results of the INNOVER-EAST projectTvergyak, K-K.
2015Hybrid RES systems on example of the AGH-UST educational and research laboratory of renewable energy sources and energy saving in Miekinia, PolandKotyza, J.; Lubon, W.; Pelka, G.
2018Hydrodynamics simulation and forecasting the efficiency of srparation oquipment oil stabilization unit of gnidyntsy gas processing plantLiaposhchenko, O. O.; Starynskyi, O. Ye.; Demianenko, M. M.; Pavlenko, S. V.
2013Impact of oil on the vibration behavior of the pumping unit gearKopei, V. B.; Kopei, B. V.; Yevchuk, O. V.; Stefanyshin, O. I.
2019Improving the capillary method of non-destructive testingLopatin, V. V.
2017Increase of durability of three-cone rock bit cuttersJakym, R. S.; Petryna, D. Yu.
2013Increasing of reliability of work of rotating machines of oil and gas industryBilyavskyi, М. L.; Flunt, О. R.
2017Increasing the reliability of the equipment of oil and gas transportation industry due to polymeric nanocompositesBuketov, A. V.; Amelin, M. Yu.; Negrutsa, R. Yu.; Sapronova, A. V.; Bezbach, O. M.; Voronenko, S. V.
2019Indoor air quality and microbial assessment of the Nigerian university in Lagos, NigeriaAyodele, I. Shittu; Kelechi, L. Njoku; Adeola, A. Adesuyi
2017Industrial management of used drilling fluidsUliasz, M.; Steliga, T.; Blaz, S.; Zima, G.
2018Influence of cathode polarization on protective properties of thermoreactive coatings for main pipelinesOsadchuk, S. O.; Nyrkova, L. I.; Rybakov, A. O.; Melnychuk, S. L.
2013Influence of installation elastic bending on stress-strain state of pipeline aboveground passages in mountainsBilobran, B. S.; Dziubyk, А. R.; Yanovskyi, S. R.
2018Influence of nanoparticles on the physical and mechanical properties of modified epoxy-composite coatingsStukhlyak, D. P.; Yakushchenko, S. V.
2016Influence of physical fields upon adhesive strength of epoxy composite protective coatings in oil and gas sectorMalets, V. M.; Kashytskyy, V. P.
2019Influencing ecotourism factors on socio-economic conditions of the populationBezuhla L. S., Demchuk N. I.
2014Innovation approach to the improvement of motivation system of managerial workPopadynets, I.
2018Innovative and unusual mining machinwry solutions developed at the department of mining, dressing and transport machines, agh KrakowKrauze, K.; Kotwica, K.
2016Innovative methods of popularizing technical educationShkitsa, L. Y.; Panchuk, V. G.; Kornuta, V. A.
2020Institutional aspects of social innovation in the region in the context of sustainable developmentAntoniuk, D. A.; Bui, J. V.