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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Parameterization permeability curves for the simulation of oil displacement with gas and water at pressures below the saturation pressureZarubin, Yu. A.; Gunda, M. Y.; Yurova, M. V.; Zazulyak, O. M.
2018Pecularities of calculation of throughput capacity and energy consumption of oil pipeline at parallel operation of pumping unitsSerediuk, M. D.
2017Pecularities of distance learning in international students training in UkraineDmytryk, T. V.; Vytvytsky, R. M.; Bandura, V. V.; Khrabatyn, R. I.; Khrabatyn, O. V.
2012Peer-to-peer networks and their impact on the development of tne internet and information techologiesPoryev, G. V.
2018Perlit ekspavdowany - alternatywa poprawy stabilnosci zaczynow cementowychKremieniewski, M.; Rzepka, M.; Kut, L.; Kedzierski, M.
2016Perspectives of use of nanocellulose in oil and gas industryPanchuk, M.; Shlapak, L.; Panchuk, A.; Szkodo, M.; Kielczynski, W.
2014Pipeline mechanical properties determination using non-destructive method with consideration of microstructural changesKarpash, M. O.; Dotsenko, Ye. R.; Karpash, O. M.
2018Polepszanse wlasciwosci drobnoziarnistych surowcow energetycznych poprzez ich brykietowanie w prasacy walcowychBembenek, M.
2018Polymer composites for improving the resource of pipeline transportBuketov, A. V.; Sapronova, A. V.; Brailo, M. V.; Sotsenko, V. V.; Yurenin, K. Yu.; Antonio, B.
2017Portfolio optimization using the GO-GARCH model - evidence from PFTSDeari, F.
2018PRE-conditions for sustained cooperations in the fields of reseach innovationShkitsa, Lesya; Kornuta, Volodymyr; Dascalescu, Anamaria; Barz, Cristian
2017Principles and requirements qualimetrik pedagogicsVasylyshyn, V.
2013Priority areas of development of resources of hydrocarbons of Hlynskyi and Solokhivskyi oil and gas region of Dnipro and Donetsk basinKharchenko, M. V.; Popova, T. L.; Ponomarenko, L. S.
2014Probabilistic behavior of well rate decrease laws through time. Universal dependence of Weibull-Makeham lawBoiko, V. S.; Mishchuk, B. M.
2019Problems of state regulation of wages in UkraineKravchuk, R. S.; Markovetska, N. V.
2015Promising directions for improving regulatory legal framework of Ukraine on labour protection for enterprises producing food and beveragesBochkovskyi, Andriy P.; Sapozhnikova, Nataly Yu.
2017Promoting facilities of organic production in European countriesNovуtska, I. V.
2015Promoting knowledgetransfer in science and technology: a case study of technology park in Kosice, SlovakiaUrbancikova, N.
2013Prospects of oil and gas bearing of the Vietnamese mainland slope and adherent shelf of the South-Chinese SeaKukhtina-Holodko, L. M.; Holodko, B. I.
2013Prospects of reveal of considerable deposits of gas on big depths in Dnipro and Donetsk cavityMachuzhak, M. I.; Lyzanets, A. V.