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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Rachunkowosc w systemie kierowania przedsiebiorstwemKister, A.
2013Rationale for choosing the geometric dimensions of well hydraulic jet pumpVelychkovych, A. S.; Panevnyk, D. O.
2015Recommendations on determination of interfacial tension at the interface between two fluids by the spinning drop methodKisil, I. S.; Barna, O. B.; Kuchirka, Yu. M.
2018Regulowanie gestosci pluczek wiertniczych za pomoca szklanych vikrosferBlaz, S.; Uliasz, M.; Zima, G.; Jasinski, B.
2013Reliability of instrumental recording of the natural gasVlasiuk, Y. M.; Kompan, A. I.; Vlasyuk, L. Y.
2016Rendering of terms and term-word combinations from English to UkrainianShlapak, I.
2013Replacement of buffer gas with nitrogen in gas storage formations (models, methods, numerical experiments)Prytula, N. M.; Hryniv, O. D.; Vecherik, R. L.; Boiko, R. V.
2014Research of stress-deformation state of worn sucker rod thread connectionKopey, B. V.; Mykhailiuk, V. V.; Liakh, M. M.
2017Research opportunities manipulators for NDT nonlinear control surfacesRozhanska, I.
2013Research technique and test experiments for the analysis of petrophysical properties of weak-consolidated and friable rocksVladyka, V. M.; Nesterenko, M. Yu.; Balatskyi, R. S.
2003Researches concerning the influence of ionic exchange column's geometry on copper recovery efficiency from mine watersMihaly-Cozmuta, Leonard; Mihaly-Cozmuta, Anca; Varga, Camelia; Bancila-Afrim, Nicolae
2018Researching the fracturing of the reservoir rocksKurovets, S. S.; Artym, I. V.; Kurovets, I. M.
2016Rheotechnologies in well drillingMyslyuk, M. A.
2017Risks of gas production forecasting, using material balance equationsZarubin, Yu. O.; Gunda, M. V.; Nikolaychuk, V. V.; Lastovetska, A. V.
2013Scattering of acoustic waves bubbles of gas in reservoirsNagorny, V. P.; Denisuk, І. І.; Lihvan, V. M.; Shveykina, Т. А.
2017Shale gas potential environmental risks research in UkraineAgeycheva, O.
2017Shale rocks of the Spassk suite of the Lower Cretaceous as the prospective objects for extracting hydrocarbonsMazur, A. P.; Bodnarchuk, V. S.
2013Sidetrack in well casingVoevidko, I. V.
2019Simulation of chemical and technological processes of a hydrocarbon preparation plantLiaposhchenko, O. O.; Moiseev, V. F.; Marenok, V. M.; Khukhryanskyy, O. M.; Starynskyy, O. Ye.; Kovtun, V. V.
2013Simulation of filter gravel pack in-wash in a well with a significant deviation from a vertical or in horizontal wellStriukov, E. H.