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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The conditions of forming and the prospects of oil-and-gas potential of the Cretaceous-Palaeogene reservoir rocks of the northwestern partMayevskyy, B. Y.; Yarema, A. V.; Kurovets, S. S.; Zderka, T. V.
2016The constructive ecology - the theoretical basis of ecological sajetyAdamenko, O.
2017The economical solution for the pipeline transportation of viscous crude using the heaters in pumping stationsBenmounah, A.
2019The effect of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from laptop on reproductive hormones, sperm quality and prostate specifec anticen of male albino rats (rattus norvegicus)Stephen, S. Aderemi; Kelechi, L. Njoku; Adeola, A. Adesuyi
2013The effectiveness of modern technologies of secondary opening of productive horizons and the ways of its improvementHoshovskui, S. V.; Voitenko, Yu. I.; Sorokin, P. O.
2017"The future of marketing capability" – загальні контури майбутнього маркетингу підприємствМалинка, О. Я.
2017The issues of transport environmental impacts perception by students of environmental and other engineering specialtiesRadomska, M.; Chernyak, L.; Vologzhanina, V.; Chaplygina, O.
2014The main aspects of microbiological protection of underground oil-and-gas pipelinesPolutrenko, M. S.; Kryzhanivskyy, Ye. I.; Pilyashenko-Novohatnyi, A. I.; Peretyatko, T. B.
2013The main directions of the field development systems improvement and the potential of oil extraction increase in UkraineDoroshenko, V. M.; Zarubin, Y. O.; Hryshanenko, V. P.; Prokopiv, V. J.; Shvydkyi, O. A.
2017The method of segmentation of stochastic cyclic signals for the problems of their processing and modelingLytvynenko, I. V.
2015The online course and hands-on laboratory for measurement methods studyKuchirka, Y.; Baran, S.; Pavliv, T.
2016The problem of segmentation of the cyclic random process with a segmental structure and the approaches to its solvingLytvynenko, I. V.
2013The problems of urban areas upon development of oil and gas fields (with reference to Boryslav)Drygulych, P. G.; Pukish, A. V.
2014The research of gas leak from the pipelineGrudz, V. Ya.; Grudz, Ya. V.; Drin, N. Ya.; Stasiuk, R. B.
2015The research of gas tides intensification on the example of the sarmatian deposits in the northwestern part of Bilche-Volytska zoneNesterenko, M. Yu.; Balatskyi, R. S.; Zderka, T. V.; Piatkovska, I. O.
2015The role of ecologycal settlements in reducing anthropogenic impact on environmentRadomska, M.; Strava, T.
2017The sedimentation stability of cement slurryKremieniewski, M.; Rzepka, M.
2016The study of erosive wear of the shaped elements of compressor station manifold of a gas pipelineDoroshenko, Ya. V.; Marko, T. I.; Doroshenko, Yu. I.
2018The study of the impact of 4,4'-methylenbis (2-methoxyaniline) on adhesive properties of the epoxy matrix for protective coatings of transport meansBuketov, A. V.; Bezbakh, O. M.; Yatsyuk, V. M.; Negrutsa, R. Yu.
2017The study of the stress-strain state of trunk gas pipeline sections with defects in the shape of the cross-section of the pipeDoroshenko, Ya. V.; Pylypiv, L. D.; Poliarush, К. А.; Doroshenko, Yu. І.