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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The research of gas leak from the pipelineGrudz, V. Ya.; Grudz, Ya. V.; Drin, N. Ya.; Stasiuk, R. B.
2015The research of gas tides intensification on the example of the sarmatian deposits in the northwestern part of Bilche-Volytska zoneNesterenko, M. Yu.; Balatskyi, R. S.; Zderka, T. V.; Piatkovska, I. O.
2015The role of ecologycal settlements in reducing anthropogenic impact on environmentRadomska, M.; Strava, T.
2017The sedimentation stability of cement slurryKremieniewski, M.; Rzepka, M.
2016The study of erosive wear of the shaped elements of compressor station manifold of a gas pipelineDoroshenko, Ya. V.; Marko, T. I.; Doroshenko, Yu. I.
2018The study of the impact of 4,4'-methylenbis (2-methoxyaniline) on adhesive properties of the epoxy matrix for protective coatings of transport meansBuketov, A. V.; Bezbakh, O. M.; Yatsyuk, V. M.; Negrutsa, R. Yu.
2017The study of the stress-strain state of trunk gas pipeline sections with defects in the shape of the cross-section of the pipeDoroshenko, Ya. V.; Pylypiv, L. D.; Poliarush, К. А.; Doroshenko, Yu. І.
2002The technologies and the potential of recycling in RomaniaHotea, Vasile; Toader, Cezar; Bancila, Nicolae; Dascalescu, Anamaria; Cotetiu, Radu
2002Thermodynamic assessment of the copper-oxygen systemToader, Cezar; Cotetiu, Radu; Dascalescu, Anamaria
2015To the issue of melting zone height control in the technology of electron-emitting crucible-less zone melting of siliconPorev, V. A.; Porev, G. V.
2015To the issue of strength assessment of the pipeline-composite bandage systemShlapak, L. S.; Maksymuk, O. V.; Shyrokol, V. V.
2014Transformation of woman's consciousness in the play of A. Krym "Quartet for Tvo"Veselovska, N. V.
2013Upgrading of technology of absorptive cleaning of oily wastewatersPavluh, L. I .
2017Use of dispersive additives to ensure high indicators of physico-mechanical properties of functional polymer coatingsBuketov, A. V.; Sapronov, O. O.; Leshchenko, O. V.; Voronenko, S. V.
2017Use of hot water for hearting high viscosity oil and petroleum products in tanksAnderson, A.
2019Ways of improvement of the process lending to business entities by banking institutionsKravchuk, R. S.; Dovganich, L. L.
2017Ways to improve the reliability and tightness of casing stringsVasylyshyn, V.
2017Ways to increase the strength of pipes of oil assortmentVasylyshyn, V.
2013Wear resistance of some elements of the drill string during drillingOgorodnikov, P. I.; Svitlitskyy, V. M.; Gogol, V. I.
2013Well productivity increase by simultaneous application of action of chemical reagents and pulse-wave action to the bottomhole formation zoneSvitlytskyi, V. M.; Chaychenko, B. I.