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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017O propozycjach zmian w wyznaczaniu niepewnosci pomiarow wedlug przewodnika gumWarsza, Z. L.
2018Ocena wlaciwosci cieczy roboczych stosowanych do rekonstrukcJi odwiertowUliasz, M.; Zima, G.; Blaz, S.; Jasinski, B.
2013Oil and gas bearing capacity of Paleocene carbonate formations of the southern oil and gas bearing regionPolukhtovych, V. M.; Kryshtal, A. M.; Yakubenko, H. M.
2013Oil and gas potential of Ukrainian sector of the Sea of Azov by a comprehensive assessment of aerospace research dataYevdoshchuk, M. I.; Halko, T. M.; Sedlerova, O. V.; Volkova, O. V.; Yakubenko, H. M.
2013Oil Produktion Affected by ASP and Gelation TechnologiesRahimi, Khosro; Sharifara, Ehsan; Sarwestani, Mohammad Hadi Fatehi
2016On fourjer quasicrystalsFavorov, S. Y.
2013On implementation of polymeric watering at oil deposits of UkraineDoroshenko, V. M.; Prokopiv, V. Y.; Rudyi, M. I.; Scherbii, R. B.
2017On improvement engineering solutions of construction structuresVasylyshyn, V.
2016On structure of semigroups of centered upfamilies on groupsGavrylkiv, V.
2016On sufficient conditions for a polynomial to be sign-independently hyperbolic or to have real separated zerosKarpenko, I.
2013On the issue of the Black Sea methane hydrate potential developmentKychka, O. A.; Koval, A. M.; Tyshchenko, A. P.; Dovzhok, T. E.; Korovnichenko, E. E.
2009On the reliability of multistate systems with imprecise probabilitiesWagenknecht, M.; Gocht, U.
2017Online Training Tools Evaluation: “Internet Technologies in Economics” Teaching CasePryhorovska, T.; Kornuta, O.
2013Optimal control in the switched fuzzy models of management processesSokolov, O.; Dotsenko, N.; Sokolov, O.
2015Optimization of eguipment availability of a gas-pumping unitKopey, B.; Khalimi, D.
2014Optimization of the differential pressure flowmeters by means of "RASKHOD-RU" CADPistun, Ye.; Lesovoy, L.; Fedoryshyn, R.
2014Optimization of unloading modes of compressed natural gas that is transported by container shipsKryzhanivskyy, Ye. I.; Susak, O. M.; Zaytsev, Val. V.
2013Optimum formulation of asp for injection in oil reservoirRahimi, Khosro; Sarvestani, Mohammad Hadi Fatehi; Sharifara, Ehsan
2016Options and prospects of underground storage of carbon dioxide in the Slovak RepublicPinka, J.; Plucinsku, I.; Susak, O.
2017Own work students how the main characters researchVasylyshyn, V.; Karakulia, A.